Thursday, November 6, 2008

Prop 8 Passes!!

At least we won this one! Below is an article I found this morning about our churches view on the matter.

Mormon Church Comments on Proposition 8

Posted: Nov 5, 2008 02:02 PM

A constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage was approved - by a slim margin - in California Tuesday.

Proposition 8 overturned the state Supreme Court's decision that gay couples have a right to marry.

Among the supporters of Proposition 8 was the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Wednesday, the church released a comment about the measure's passing:

"Allegations of bigotry or persecution made against the Church were and are simply wrong. The Church's opposition to same-sex marriage neither constitutes nor condones any kind of hostility toward gays and lesbians."

The Mormon Church also said they do not object to "the right for same-sex couples regarding hospitalization and medical care, fair housing and employment rights, or probate rights, so long as these do not infringe on the integrity of the traditional family or the constitutional rights of churches."

They also said that some people have mistaken their involvement in moral issues for being involved in politics: "In fact, churches and religious organizations are well within their constitutional rights to speak out and be engaged in the many moral and ethical problems facing society. While the Church does not endorse candidates or platforms, it does reserve the right to speak out on important issues."


Lamont and Melissa Larsen said...

In my opinion this is the only silver lining from election day, but a very important one!

Tara D said...

Yea for Prop. 8!!! :)

-Melissa- said...

Yes, that is great news!

Ericka Johnson said...

I agree with Melissa--one of the only good things to come out of the election. Thanks for posting this.

hoLLy said...

hooray!! so glad this passed. it sounds like a long road still. read lura's comment on marie's(a year from oak cottage) post today-opponents to proposition 8 are angry. they are blocking the entrance to one of the temples. all streets leading to the temple have had to be closed. its horrible! :(

Cindy said...

I agree, too. Thank goodness!

Tynel said...

It's so sad to see all the hate and anger directed toward the church now that this has passed. It will be interesting to see what becomes of the lawsuits against the church now!

Grammy Staffy said...

As you know we have worked for weeks and weeks on prop 8. Our wards assignment was to contact all the voters in our zip code. We called, we walked, we put out hundreds of signs and then we called some more.

Our signs were torn down almost as fast as they were put up. One in our yard was spray painted with "no" covering up the "yes" on prop 8. I never thought that it would pass...even the way it was worded on the ballot was discriminatory against us. I am amazed that it passed. Truly it was a miracle.

However, it is far from over. The LA temple was closed down by a 1000 protesters blocking the entrance and the streets. The news picks it up and makes it look like we are the bad ones.

I hear that they plan to continue the protesting at the LA and other temples indefinately. Fortunately for us our little temple has not been targeted.

The no on 8 group really have prop 8 hate in their hearts. While the majority of the people spoke and certainly many non Mormons voted, they act like we were the only ones. It is sad and it is scary.

Pray that the situation will change. I appreciate your concern for us.

I send you my best.

PadreIsland said...

We were also pleased with this outcome. Since California has been so left wing its nice to have the line drawn to protect what marriage and family is suppose to be.

swainsRus said...

Glad it passed, hopefully the people's vote will stand though. Gotta love all those who are trying to overthrow the will of the people to change it to their way.