Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pyzam Glitter Text Maker

Disneyland Trip final

Disneyland Trip w Joey

My daughter Holly and her family just returned from Disneyland and she has posted tons of pictures of their trip. If you are interested in seeing their pictures, you can go to her site at
My Kids Say I'm Silly.

Aren't They Cute!!!


hoLLy said...

i like your music too:) thanks for posting our pics! it was a fun trip.

call me when you get a minute, ok?

-Melissa- said...

I love the glitter you added to the photos. Very cute. I'm glad that had a fun time. It makes me want to visit Disneyland.

hoLLy said...

you got the slideshow to go smaller on the side-way to go mom! you are getting to be one tough bloggin chick:)

Tynel said...

Disneyland is so much fun! I'm sure it would have been funner to have Grandma there too- right? Thanks for the tip on the YW blog, I'm gonna check that out! Stay safe out there!

Tara D said...

Ooooh, nice. Love the glittery fireworks fun!