Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Weekend with the Kids

These are some pictures we took when Holly and Joey and the girls came to visit us at the end of June. We had lots of fun. We went to the base pool with Joey's parents, had a fabulous luau for Cali (put on by his parents), and spent a morning at the beach. We had fun making ice cream in a bag, decorating flip flops and making water bracelets for the girls and of course going out to one of our favorite Mexican Food Restaurants. We had a wonderful time and I miss them already. Thanks for coming and visiting us!

"At the Luau"

Cutie Cali in her grass skirt

Holly and the girls

Dance lessons for the kids

Mark got picked for a Hula contest

Shake it Mark!

Austin and Taylor w/friends Erikka and David

"Fun at the Pool"

Aubrey trying to stand on Joey's back

Joey w/ Ella and Cali

Holly and Cali in the Kiddie Pool


hoLLy said...

the pic you guys got of mark dancing is really cute! we miss you too:( thanks for posting...i'd been waiting:)

Grammy Staffy said...

What a fun time. I love your pictures. I enjoyed watching the video that Holly posted of the Luau. I hope that my kids didn't see it because they will never get that great of a party from me.

I know that you must miss Holly and the kids. How far away do you live from them? I know how you feel because I surely miss my kids and families that live out of state.

I gave your Holly a bloggy award on my post today. I just love that girl

Patty said...

Even though we both live in Texas, it's a good 8 hour drive to get to Holly and Joey's house from ours. Texas is pretty big! Thanks for your comments.

Tara D said...

Aw, how cute! Love the pictures. Those Osbornes look so grown up these days. wow! I see you've got some new pictures on the sidebar, too. Looks good. Mark looks great in that grass skirt, btw. :)